Toilet Paper.

19 Mar

huh. today i just got to know from our cleaner aunty. toilet paper to be refilled only ONCE a week. so i guess every Monday the ladies toilet will be packed. ye lah. because toilet paper ada. the on tuesday until friday x yah g toilet. what the hell…!!! ah…lantak la…bawak toilet paper sendiri. this is what happens when your company wants to CUT COST. sampai ke usage of toilet paper pun kena CUT. and i’m not mentioning about any other stuff that they have already CUT. huh. gasak la. what ever.

this has always been my dream job. and this particular company actually acknowledges my experiance, my qualification and my ability. guess i owe them. so, let’s just go on with the flow. and yes…i realized that nowdays i don’t complaint about my job anymore !! maybe because i’m enjoying every single moment of being in this position….so…what the heck kan…x kisah la what ever the company wants to do….as long as they pay me on time…and for the extra hours (aahhaaa…) and i have room to upgrade myself….gasak ja…ahaks…

Toilet Paper

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