E.X.A.M Fever…

15 May

hurm…the exam fever is on !! students’s are now very stressed out…they come to college with big..large eye bags…hehehe… hurm…this scenario reminds me of the times when my friends and i (back in UUM) went thru the same situation….lack of sleep….nervous breakdown…heheh..fighting and trying very hard to understand what we’re actually reading (pasal dalam kelas x concentrate !! heheh)…and me..yeah…i’m always the last-minute-study person…never did my revision right from the begining !! haha !!

and a lecturer…and also the one who sets the paper…i feel that exams are not that tough (actually !)…as long as you understand the concept…know how to explain it…that’s it !! can get full marks dee !!

and yesss…speaking of exams…this is indeed my very first experiance of setting exam questions and marking of examination answer scripts…’s really torchering when you mark a student’s answer script, only to find that he or she did not provide the correct answer….like this one here…


hurm…but what to do…i’ve already gave them hints…and very very very close hints…guess they just don’t bother to pass the paper !!

anyhow…i am in a deep lurve with my new career !!! and tommorrow’s Teacher’s Day…happy Teachers’ Day to all educators out there !! 😀

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