Nasi Goreng Seafood.

12 Jun

this was what we had last night…at first, thot of having nasi goreng ketam…but then..since there’s some prawns left in the fridge, so…changed it to nasi goreng seafood….haha…the only thing’s missing is squid (sotong)…kalau ada sotong…my oh my…think of all the cholestrol that we get from last night’s serving !!! ahaks…


Nasi Goreng Seafood version mama rifdi….


bawang putih + 4 biji cili padi..tumbuk halus…panaskan 5 sudu besar planta…dah cair tumis bawang putih + cili padi + 3 ulas bawang kecil….agak2 dah naik bau…masuk udang and isi ketam…goreng sampai masak then masuk 2 cawan nasi + telur hancur (dah goreng dulu)…tambah 2 sudu oyster sauce…and sedikit garam…done…

note that i never used any MSG @ ajinomoto in my cooking…and guess what…my nasi goreng was a big hit last night…my other half finished all of it !! ahaks. and the best part of cooking is when people say this to you “sedap la nasi goreng nih.”

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Posted by on June 12, 2009 in EXCLUSIVELY 4RM MY NEW KITCHEN


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