Rifdi @ 16 months..

30 Jun

Time sure passes quickly now days..sedar tak sedar…last 21st of June…my lil’ hero’s turned 16 months dee…and now…he’s start talking…and he would start talking since the very first moment he wakes up every morning….and will only stop once he goes to bed at night !!


ni masa baru bangun tidoq…buat muka mcm apa tah ifdi nih…

and bapa has been reminding us…be ready…when he starts to talk PROPERLY….we’ll have to be ready with our ‘ears’ to listen…


haa…mcm ni lah baru hensem…


with his bestest friend ever, bapa, and he’s favourite buddy, affendi !!

nota kaki: huhuhuh…tara x paham sepatah apa ifdi cakap pun mama dah tak terlayan…kalau dah bleh cakap sok nih…jenuh la mama nak melayan !!! huhuhu….

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Posted by on June 30, 2009 in June 2009


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