17 Aug

huh. setelah sekian lama menyepi. (sepi ke..?) ketinggalan banyak hari. and sooo much have happened since my last post. yep.

yep. i’m pregnant. confirmed. EDD: .7.32010.

and due to that…i was hospitalized for 3 days. yep. sbb muntah hijau. yeah..i repeat…MUNTAH HIJAU. this one’s even worse than the 1st one. no doubt, i suffered during my 1st pregnancy, but this time it’s like triple of what i’ve gone thru !! ahaks…yeah..tiring. sicknening.exhausting. i’m still having the morning sickness…but now it’s getting better.

next…rifdi’s turning ONE year and SIX months this coming 21st of August. yeah. my lil’ angel’s getting older. and by next year..when his lil’ bro or sista’s around (insyaallah, with Allah’s permission) he’ll be TWO. wonder if he can become big brother or not. heh. i bet he will. my lil’ angel’s a clever lil boy. heh.

hurm..getting more and more stable with my new career. yeah. i LOVE MY NEW CAREER. i guess..i won’t be going back to the world of marketing/administrating or what so ever. i’m sticking to this one ‘holy’ field of teaching. yep. teaching. and i guess…i’ll develop my career in this education industry…hopefully with Allah’s permission..i’ll end up being a Dr. hah. Dr Farah…(my ambition was to become a medical dr…but i guess…i can still be a doc huh…doktor falsampah.) ahaks.

and for the lost ones…

gone was a true malaysian. Yasmin Ahmad. and also Rifdi’s favorite singer, Ustaz Asri from Rabbani. yeah. Rifdi loves listening to Ustaz Asri’s beautiful voice…his zikir…on Astro Oasis. Allah loves him so much..and that’s why he’s been taken away at such a young age. he was 40.

guess that’s all for now. will hapdet more.

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One response to “Updates.

  1. ellek

    August 22, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    alhamdulillah… murah rezeki kawan aku nih ek.. 🙂
    take care…


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