Meluat AND Borink.

21 Aug

hurm. kawen gak dewang neh. hopefully it lasts 4 ever. to the bride groom…remeber. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

dulu mati2 deny. nothing between them. but can hang out together. Ustaz pun manusia gaks..nak tgk wayang malam2 ngan anak dara org gaks..nak lepak2 kat tepi pantai ngan awek cun gaks…ahaks. what the hell. the tittle USTAZ should be removed. not a good influence. not at ALL.


ok…so he claims that his wife’s not a good one. so..he leaves her for more than 3 months. what the heck. kalau ikut ajaran Islam…isteri buat hal suami kena tegur. bukan tinggal. sampai 3 bulan plaks. ahaks. dunia. dunia. and anak dara plaks. terkinja2. tergediks2 nak sgt ustaz sekoq nih. what the hell. semoga korang bahagia.


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Posted by on August 21, 2009 in August 2009


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