Students’ Evaluation: Piece of CRAP.

16 Sep

ahaks….since i became a lecturer…i’ve received a couple of students’ evaluation on my teaching, presentation and communication skills. ok…this is something compulsory for all educational institutions. at the end of every semester, students wil have to fill up this ‘evaluation form’ and results will be given to the lecturers and the necessary parties as well…even i did this back during my college years…

yeah…i’ve received good evaluation…or maybe kinda ‘OK’ evaluation so far…and this is mostly from the senior set of students…recently..i am assigned a BIG class of NEW students (semester 1)…and this is a very basic/fundamental subject…Intro to Business…duh…

ok…what i’m concern is that…altough my ratings are OK…there are some comments which are being highlighted to me…

  1. can’t understand what she’s teaching
  2. she should be more professional while teaching
  3. good lecturer

ok…point no 3…thank you. point no.1..can’t understand…? hurm…guess they weren’t just listening. after every explanation, any normal teacher/lecturer would always ask….”any questions…??? do you understand…? can you follow..?” but duh…all i get is SILENCE. no questions…everyone’s either clearly understood or they’re totally blurr about the whole thing !!

but NONE came and see me after class…or even raised up their hand to ask more. what the hell. and now you’re tellin’ me that you do not understand what i’m teaching ya’..? duh.

point No.2…ok …let’s define professional. 

The word professional traditionally means a person who has obtained a degree in a professional field. The term professional is used more generally to denote a white collar working person, or a person who performs commercially in a field typically reserved for hobbyists or amateurs.-thanks to Wikipedia. =)

ok….my highest qualification: Masters. so i guess i am fit to be in this position. so i am a professional. hurm… professional else should i be..? i give real life examples in my lectures…i do not believe in texbooks example. that’s like just cutting and pasting it to your lecture. no variation…no application. hurm…i guess i should be explaning what professional really means…maybe then they’ll understand better !! ahaks..!

ok…so..NO HARD FEELING. duh…i guess..none of us lecturers in this college feels upset when it comes to bad evaluation or comments. in fact…we would all just exchange the evaluation rates and comments…and have a nice laugh at it !! haha…why..? because we know exactly how ‘good’ our students are…what’s their IQ and EQ standard..and plus..looking at their english background..guess some of them don’t really know what the questions really mean !! ahaks…

any how…this is just a bunch of semester 1 students…looking at their level of adaptability…i’d say maybe only half of them actually understand what i taught…and actually listens to my lectures. this are the set of students which meka us lecturers feel and become motivated to teach..the rest…here to pass their time. waste their parents money. make noise. they don’t even care if they pass or fail…yeah..some of them kept on repeating and repeating on the SAME subject for a couple of semesters !!! waste of money huh. but who cares…it’s their life…their adults now..and they all have BRAINS to be used up.

look at how different students here in a private college to students in a public college/university. students there are more committed..they appreciate their status as a public uni students…they struggle..they go all out to obtain their certificates…money is their main concern..they never talk during lectures…they respect their lecturers..they always come to class on time..seldom miss class…and they take their studies seriously.

here…? everything is the OPPOSITE of whatever’s stated above. duh. they talk back to you..they don’t respect you. they just walk in and out between your lectures…and they just DON”T CARE. crap. piece of crap. ahaks.


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