Exhausted with Raya joy

28 Sep

yey…got a new lil’ niece on Hari Raya day itself !! too bad coz I only got the sms from my cousin on my way back to kampung…any how…went to visit this lil’ angel yesterday…my oh my !! she’s sooo small and adorable !! here’s the caption of the news..covered by The Star (ni yg best banak on hari raya…bleh masuk paper lagik..heheh..)

The Star
23rd September 2009

HARI Raya was extra special for marketing executive Muhammad Kalik Kawathar and accountant Azlina Abdul Kader this year.

Azlina, 23, gave birth to their first child on the first day of Hari Raya, more than a week before her due date.

Sheer happiness: Azlina and Muhammad Kalik surrounded by family members at the Penang Maternity Hospital while admiring baby Nuraminahtul Fitriyah.

She delivered the baby girl at the Penang Maternity Hospital at 3.15pm on Sunday.

“I’m happy but I’m so tired and sleepy,” Azlina said, adding that pain had kept her up the whole night before the baby was born.

Her bedside at the hospital was crowded with visitors, all dressed in their Hari Raya best.

Muhammad, 27, was seen beaming amongst the crowd of his relatives that was mostly made up of the newborn’s aunts and grandmothers.

“This is happiest Hari Raya of my life. I was a bit nervous when Azlina had to be admitted early but today has turned out to be a most special day,” he said.

He said they decided to name their daughter Nuraminahtul Fitriyah, which sounds similar to Aidilfitri in honour of the auspicious day.

Their adorable 2.46kg bundle of joy, who slept soundly throughout the visit from press and family members, was one of some 30 babies born in Penang on the first day of Hari Raya.

She was one of eight babies born at the Penang Maternity Hospital while a check with 10 other public and private hospitals in Penang showed about 15 babies born on the mainland with the remainder on the island.

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