U, Me aur Hum…

02 Oct

U, Me and Us……….


it’s been quite some time since i last watched a Hindi movie…yeah…i’m supposed to be one of the die-hard-fan of the Bollywood movies…especially those of which Arjun Rampal or Shahid Kapoor acts as the hero in it…but somehow…since the arrival of rifdi (rifdi lagik jadi alasan !! hahaha) i’ve to struggle to find the time to sit down and relax and watch a Hindi movie…and as you all know..hindi movies lasts up to 3 hours..and sometimes more !! huuhh…

ok..some how…i’ve managed to watch this movie aired on TV3, thru their Panggung Sabtu slots (every saturday, 2.00pm)…rifdi was sound asleep…and I just finished my hari raya housecleaning activities…I find this movie very interesting, altough it still resolves around the ‘traditional’ romantic-genre-which is veryyyyy closely associated with Bollywood movies, but it’s a kind-of matured movie…surprisingly, when my husband came back from work, and watched the movie half-way, he was also glued to his seat, and actually watched the movie till end !! hehhehehe…so much effort from someone who dislikes bollywood stuff !! ahaks..


ok…so the story revolves around Dr. Ajay, a neuro-specialist and Pia, a waitress…they met on a cruise, fell in love and got married after one song…yeah…no hassle…no fights…very easy. life seems to be a bed of roses for this couple until one day, when they found out that Pia is actually suffering from Alzheimer disease… the age of 28. so she starts to forget things around her-up to the extend of forgetting that she’s pregnant !! yeah…in one of the scene…Pia, with her big pregnant belly, was featured to be skipping up and down, exercising…and when Ajay stopped her, she said she was putting on weight, and her it shows coz her belly’s getting bigger !! gosh….how dangerous…!!

so…the next half of the story shows of how Ajay struggles to deal with his wife..up to the extend of leaving her to the care of a nurse in one of the care centre for Alzheimer patients…however…he soon realised that he was doing it for his own self..not for the benefit of Pia…yeah…he had no longer need to watch her for 24 hours a day…he had no longer have to tolerate her forgetfullness…he had no longer had to be her ‘guardian’ for all time…yeah…he sent her away, not for her benefit, but for his own….yup..he was being selfish…

feeling guilty, he took Pia back to home, and vowed to never leave her again, and that he’ll take care of her, for the rest of her life, as they promised each other….


i have to admit…i cried towards the end of the movie, coz Ajay and Pia had made a promise to each other, at their 25th wedding anniversary, the would celebrate it at the same cruise where they met earlier..and Ajay actually delivered his promise…

this movie had actually kept me thinking, if such situation were to happen to me, i mean if i were to suffer from this illness, would my husband be as loyal as Ajay…?? would he stand by me till the end, or would he just leave me to the care of others…?? would he still love me…? or would he just ignore me and continue with his own life…? sigh…frankly speaking…i’m clueless…

and since my hubby was also watching the movie…i turn and asked him “kalau org jadi mcm Kajol…abang nak buat cana..??” ….and…he answer was…………………..

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