Here comes the pics…!!

08 Oct

so…here’s us with our Hari Raya outfit this year…like i said before…our theme this year is HIJAU PETRONAS. so much for the green stuff…my hubby complained that he looked ‘fat’ wearing green baju melayu…!!’s a good thing that he doesn’t look like Shrek !! =)

1st day of Raya..upon arrival at Tanjung Musang…


4th day of Raya at Didie’s house in Jitra..only mama and Ifdi sama theme…


6th day of Raya at Bukit Merah !! no more baju’s time to have fun !! yey !!


having fun like never before..!!


“pampering” himself very much at the park !!


my lil’ angel’s all grown up now – Hayra Marissa…


that’s all for now..will upload more once i get the pics from the camera owner !! hehehe…


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