Happy New Year 2010 !!

04 Jan

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azam taun baru..? hurm…as for 2009…seingat2 aku…mmg x sempat nak memasang azam sbb terlalu busy ngan karier baru sebagai seorang pensyarah…besides that busy moving over from mainland to island…busy adapting to new changes..sedar2 ja tetiba dah peknen skali lagi…hehehe…and it’s year end !! gulp…cepat betul masa berlalu kan ! however…i can say that my biggest achievement for 2009 would be me getting into this new profession as a lecturer, which is like a dream come true !! Alhamdulillah !!

as for 2010…insyaallah…i’ve got some azam’s to achieve…hopefully, everything goes well for this year…Amin…

as for myself…

  1. hopefully everything goes smoothly for me and my new baby (coming soon, expected sometime early March)..and menjadi seorang mama yang lebih penyabar dengan kerenah my kid(s)..huhuh…it’s tuff being a working mummy !!! huhuhu…
  2. qada’ puasa ASAP selepas delivery !! hehehe…slalu nya tunggu last menet…huhuhu..taun ni nak ganti cepat2 !!
  3. buy a house. yeah. nak dok umah SENDIRI pulaks. enuff renting and ‘menumpang’ duduk umah orang..time for us to move into our OWN NEW house !! semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan diketemukan ‘jodoh’ dengan umah sendiri…AMIN.

as for my career..

  1. try to get into any IPTA. yeah…any IPTA.
  2. attend at least 3 seminars organized by USM or any other IPTA’s
  3. arrange at least 3 industrial visits for my students with regards to the subjects that i teach
  4. submit at least 1 research paper !! (ni yg paling susah nih….huhuh..but i’ll try my very best !!)

guess thats all…enuff la tu…karang banyak2 pun x terachieve pun no point jugak kan !! any how…Happy New Year to all my blog visitors…may all your futureĀ undertakings and dreams come true !!

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