New Office.

04 Jan

hurm…sedar x sedar..dah setahun aku keja kat kolej nih !! when i 1st joined…this was my station…a very simple staffroom…with simple but a very spacious table…siap dengan side table yang besar lagi !! mmg there’s sooo much space !!


tapi…selaras dengan sambutan Maal Hijrah 1431H…aku terpaksa berpindah ke ofis baru…yang jauh lebih kecil dan sempit compared to my previous one…however, this time we’re given our very own cubicle, table and space…that means no more long tables (mcm style staff room kat skolah2…heheh)…altough there’s more privacy for us…i still feel that it’s kinda of small..and sempitt !!! mcm dok dalam flight Air Asia pun ada…hahaha..anyhow..x kisah laa…janji ada tempat duduk sudah la !! btoi dak… =)

hurm…ok x..? walaupun nampak mcm selesa…tapi sebenarnya the table is half the size of the old table…x pa la…i guess sooner or later we’ll all get use to this new office…but i somehow still dun get the idea, dun understand the relevance of separating lecturers with a masters degree and lecturers without a masters degree…altough we have a masters degree, we’re still obligated to teach the diploma and degree students, and so does the lecturers without the masters degree !! sigh..i still believe that ALL lecturers should be placed’s easier for us to communicate and yeah…gossip !!! =)

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