My future living room…?

22 Jan

kalau lah impianku ini menjadi kenyataan…wahh..mesti korang ingat aku ni high taste kan …?? uhurmm…x dek la..!! i’m a very simple person….tapi x salahkan kalau nak berangan !! hehehee…after all…this living room inspires me…and guess this is some how or rather how’s my future living hall’s gonna look like…but from the looks of it…this setting is suitable only for BIG houses..such as Bungalows…but what the heck…kalau umah kecik pun bleh adjust…inspiration is what matters…hehehe..

my owh my…..if only dreams DO come true !!! never mind…i’ll keep on dreaming…(sampaikan gambar ni dah jadi wallpaper lappy i !!)

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Posted by on January 22, 2010 in January 2010


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