Mohd Rifdi…@ 2 years…

23 Feb

ALHAMDULILLAH….ALHAMDULILLAH…ALHAMDULILLAH !!! Thank you sooo much Allah…thank YOU…for awarding me this ‘one’ miracle…yeah..thank YOU for sending me a guardian ‘angel’..a lil’ hero…to be with me…for the rest of my life…ALHAMDULILLAH !!

felt like i just had him in my arms yesterday…and now…it has already been 2 whole years of fun and joy, with this lil’ fellow…yup…I surely enjoyed being a mother to this lovely, adorable, cheeky, mischievious and handsome lil’ guy…I feel very blessed having him as my body guard !! =)

the very day he came into my life…

rifdi’s all ‘grown’ up now…and becoming ‘less’ independant…some how..mummy’s missing the times when you’re still a newborn, very ‘little’ and helpless !! all you would do…was cry, and all you need is a hug from mummy to calm you down…and now..mummy’s gotta struggle, just to give you a peck on the cheek !! =)

chubby lil’ ifdy…@ 4 months..

and mummy remember the time when you made you first turn…sometime when you’re turning 2 months old…and then start to crawl…sometime when you’re turning 6 months old…and the time when you first start to walk..sometime when you’re turning 9 months old !! you tried your very best…to stand on your feet…alone…without the help of mummy…and now…you’re running all over the place, leaving mummy breathless, just to catch ya !!

smiling happily with your 1st burfday cake..

and…not forgetting…the very 1st time when you called mummy, ‘mama’…sometime when you’re 8 months old !! that is surely one of the very best thing that’s ever happen to mummy !!

his favourite activity..playing with water !! just like mummy !! =) ..@ 1 year and 9 months..

and now…you’ve turned two…mummy wish and pray that you’ll turn up to be a good son, a good human, some one who is liked by everyone around him, and most of all, mummy hope that you’ll turn up to be a good Muslim…take good care of yourself…and your lil’ sibling(s)…mummy’s will always be there for you, sayang…always…and even if mummy’s no longer around, mummy’s blessings will always be with you….

Happy 2nd burfday, Mohd Rifdi…May Allah’s blessing be with you, always…..


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