18.05.2007 till 18.05.2010….

18 May

phew..!! today’s our 3rd anniversary..wif 2 kids in hand, i feel like we’ve been married for ages !! ahaks..well…all i can say that since we got to know of each other, we have have been ‘driving’ in the fast lane…believe it or’s the chronology of our relationship !!

we met in 2005….

…we got engaged in 2006…

…got married in 2007…


…and got Rifdi in 2008 !!….

Mohd Rifdi Bin Mohd Rezuan @ 21.02.2008


Ifdi @ 2 months old then !!



…celebrated our 2nd anniversary and had our very 1st ‘family’ road trip -KL-Port Dickson-Malacca in 2009 !!

@ Ancasa Hotel, Port Dickson…


 our @2nd Eid together…

and….we welcomed a ‘new’ member in 2010 !!

Nur Farisha Binti Mohd Rezuan @ 18.03.2010…

farisha…@ 2 months now !!

phew…what a journey thou !! 5 years full of ups and downs…full of joy and laughter…full of tears (lautan mana tidak bergelora…sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit…hehhe)…told ya we have been driving in the fast lane since the beginning !!!  =)

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