Kasyah and Ayu 4 Ever.

18 Jun

Lagenda Budak Setan

ok…i’ve always been a fan of ahadiat akashah’s novels…i just like the way he writes his stories, it’s like straight to the point…no ‘ayat2 bunga2’ etc…hehhe..yeah…i first read this story of kasyah back in 1995…i was 15 then..i remembered borrowing the book from a friend of  mine, and then later i rent it at one of the book shop near my house…i finished reading it within 24 hours then !! hehhe..and i can also remember, for the very 1st time in my life, i cried while reading a novel !! heheh…(u only cry for hindi movies ok !!)….got too carried away, i guess….i actually thought then, it would be great if this story is made a movie…hurm…i also remember, how i really wanted to buy a copy of that book, but since i’m still in school, and my mom gives me a cukup2 makan-kind-of pocket money…i can’t afford to have one…the price was RM45 (if i’m not mistaken, then)…

and again..i cried..after reading the whole novel..for the 3rd time now…just to get myself in the ‘kasyah, ayu and katerina’s mood’ before watching it on the big screen…..

LBS…bought on 18.05.2010…Katerina…bought on 01.03.2003…

and now..after 15 years…they actually made a movie on the budak setan’s story…i just cannot miss this !! and finally…thanks to my parents for extending their baby sitting hours–i got to watched my favourite story in the big screen… =) ….surprisingly, my hubby actually enjoyed the movie, he’s like into the kasyah’s world as well !! however, as i predicted, the movie is not as good as the novel…it’s common for movie makers to twist and change some parts of the novel to accomodate to the 2 and a half hours movie….as for the novel, i’d give a rating of 5/5, and for the movie, 3/5…

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