06 Sep

i don’t  how how many of you mothers out there face this same problem with me, your son playing hide-and-seek at shopping complexes. one thing for sure, my lil’ prince enjoys giving me goosebumps, headaches and worry everytime i do my shopping. he’d just slip into the clothing rack, hide behind the clothes, and wait there silently until mama finds him. huh…sabaq je la kan !!

so…for this one time…when i saw him going behind the clothes…i decided to ‘hide’ myself…and guess it’s no mama, but its ifdi’s whose worried when he saw mama and abah not there..!! hehehe…

“hehehhe..mama sure kenot see me here !!” .

after a few minutes…”ish…mana mama nih..? awat x mai cari dd lagi…? hurm…”


(haa…kalut dah la tu !! padan mukaa…len kali sembunyi lagik !!) 🙂

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Posted by on September 6, 2010 in SEPTEMBER 2010


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