01 Dec

looks like it’s the last month of 2010. time has surely passed rapidly. and i haven’t been ‘visiting’ this house of mine for quite some time. guess i’ve been quite busy with my role as a mummy, as a wife, as a daughter, as a lecturer and as a worker. and every time, when it comes to december, it means that i’m getting older by one year. yeah…and this year, i’m gonna be riding on a brand new 3-series. don’t get me wrong-i’m not that rich, yet, to be driving a BMW…but i’m turning 30. yep. 30. believe it or not. 30. youth is something that you can never preserve, you can never keep it and you can never freeze it. sigh. but somehow, i guess, the older i get, the wiser i am. and for i am very thankful that i have been given the opportunity by the Almighty, to be able to live until now, and being blessed by two lil’ kiddy.

speaking of my angels…they’re both down with high fever… 😦 i hurts me deeply, everytime the fall sick. i just can’t bear the sight of them, lying helplessy, crying, vomitting and tired…but i guess the weather nowdays also contributes to the health problems…sign that the END is getting nearer.

looks like i’ve got another 30 days to fullfill my uncompleted missions/my 2010 new year resolution. can i…? lets re-visit my 2010 ‘azam’:

as for myself…

  1. hopefully everything goes smoothly for me and my new baby (coming soon, expected sometime early March)..and menjadi seorang mama yang lebih penyabar dengan kerenah my kid(s)..huhuh…it’s tuff being a working mummy !!! huhuhu…(still working on that…i tend to loose temper easily nowdays..have to WORK HARD ON THIS.)
  2. qada’ puasa ASAP selepas delivery !! hehehe…slalu nya tunggu last menet…huhuhu..taun ni nak ganti cepat2 !! (HUHUH…i’ve got PLENTY of days to ‘qada’ my puasa-thanks to Farisha ! because she was ‘inside’, and she was hungry, mummy had to break fast…)
  3. buy a house. yeah. nak dok umah SENDIRI pulaks. enuff renting and ‘menumpang’ duduk umah orang..time for us to move into our OWN NEW house !! semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan diketemukan ‘jodoh’ dengan umah sendiri…AMIN. (ALHAMDULILLAH. mission accomplished. ALHAMDULILLAH. loan approved, S&P signed, waiting for key, to re-touch up the house a bit, and God willing, should be able to move in to my own house early 2011.) 🙂

as for my career..

  1. try to get into any IPTA. yeah…any IPTA. (WORK IN PROGRESS. still trying.)
  2. attend at least 3 seminars organized by USM or any other IPTA’s (NONE. due to my maternity, due to time constratints and due to $$$!!)
  3. arrange at least 3 industrial visits for my students with regards to the subjects that i teach (ALSO NONE. HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS AREA CLOSELY NEXT YEAR!!)
  4. submit at least 1 research paper !! (ni yg paling susah nih….huhuh..but i’ll try my very best !!) (mission accomplished. ALHAMDULILLAH. my article have been accepted, and is to be published in the SEGi Review, Vol. 4, No. 1, July 2011, 118-124)  🙂

guess that’s the current standing…i’d really have to look into some areas, as for my career enhancement matters. and speaking of career, there’s been some rumours going around that we won’t be getting bonus next year. SIGH. was really looking foward for that, but …SIGH. x pa la..after all, it’s just rumours. it can be true and it can also be false (altough most rumours here turn out to be true !!) …SIGH. x kisah la…after la..rezeki aku, bukan nya terletak di tangan employerku. tapi rezeki aku terletak di tangan NYA yang MAHA BERKUASA. i’m thankful for whatever’s in hand…and for all that i have.

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