Happy New Year !!

03 Jan

phew…what a year was it !!  2010 was definitely a memorable one…some highlights of 2010:

  1. the year started with me getting a 5% increment (tough this may look ‘small’, but for me it looks BIG !! u can’t expect much when you’re working with the private firm)….plus BONUS !! 🙂
  2. had my lovely, adorable and sweet princess, Nur Farisha @ 18 March, 2010…she was so tiny, and in another 3 and a half months time, she’s gonna be 1 year old !! 🙂
  3. had my article, being accepted, and waiting to be published in SEGi Review…can’t wait for the July edition !!
  4. alhamdulillah…my dream of getting a house of my own, is finally being fulfilled by the Almighthy…loan approved, S&P signed, and currently waiting for the house key !!
  5. i am officially 30 @21.12.2010. yeah…3.0. no more 2 in front, but 3. but what the heck…it’s just a NUMBER. what’s more important is that i’m always YOUNG at heart. ahaks…


looking back, i have to say, i’m quite satisfied with what ever i have, @30…my beloved parents’ still around to protect and support me, i’m blessed with a pair of adorable kids, a loving husband, a wonderful pair of father + mother in law, understanding in-laws, a bunch of lovely and supportive friends, my dream career of being a lecturer, a MBA degree and my dream house….seriously, i keep on asking my self, for over and over and OVER AGAIN, what else do i want to wish for………….??????? i shud just be plain thankful, right…?? and yeah…i am…i truly am… ALHAMDULILLAH…ALHAMDULILLAH…ALHAMDULILLAH…

and i have to share…my wish list, for the coming years..

  • for my parents good health…
  • for my kids good health…
  • for my husband’s good health..and i wish that all his dreams are being fulfilled, for he’s a very hard working man..and i hope he achieves all his future undertakings..
  • i wish, that our marriage would last long, until we both depart from this world..

what a happy ending to 2010… looking back at my 2010 resolution, i’d say i’m quite happy with the 60% achievements…yeah..there are a lot more to be improved this year…my 2011 resolution…??

    as for myself…

  1. be a better MAMA. yup..i’m working hard on this, every second, trust me…i wanna be the best MAMA rifdi and farisha can ever have…and i guess..this is the one thing that can never change, it’s gonna be my very 1st new year resolution, for the rest of my life…
  2. LOOSE 15KG. yup..not more, not less, 15KG. by HOOK or by CROOK. ASAP. 15KG must be GONE !!
  3. QADA PUASA..again..ASAP…cannot wait till the last minute…have to start early…
  4. COOK MORE….eat outside food LESS…(huhuh..this is the toughest one…have to fight with TIME and ENERGY!!)..but will try my best !!

    as for my career…

  1. produce at least ONE article..and make sure it’s being published…
  2. arrange at least 3 industrial visits for my students…
  3. attend at least 2 seminar/conference organized by the local unis…

i can list down more…but again…i’m trying to be realistic here…after all…i’ve got like ‘so much’ already….

to all my blog readers, happy new year !! semoga tahun baru ini membawa lebih banyak keceriaan dan kegembiraan dalam hidup you ols ! watch out for more updates ya !! 🙂 

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