Saw. Seen. Touched. Scared.

31 Mar

tadi aku g GH penang…melawat bapa office mate yg diserang stroke while driving…hurm..alhamdulillah, pakcik is almost recovering…tadi nampak pakcik dah sedar…cuma some part of pakcik’s body masih numb lagi..x leh move…

hurm…i just can’t bear to even think of the fact that this could also happen to my own bapa. (mintak simpang ya ALLAH !!!)…i guess i can never even bear the sight to see my dad sick. whenever bapa’s sick, be it even a slight fever or even flu, i’d just be worried like hell…i cannot concentrate on anything else but him…yeah..i am his only pwincess, and he is my only king ! my dad is my everything, and i NEED HIM.

before i got married, when i was still single, i use to pray that GOD take my life 1st before my parents…i can never imagine living a life without any one of them !! nope. i JUST CANNOT !! and now that i’ve got kids of my own, i always pray that GOD would give a long life, long enough to at least see my kids grow up, and being able to take care of themselves…but WITH my parents by my side !! i have no other options…coz i only have them in my life…just the thought of loosing either of them…………….STOP IT FARAH !! enuff…. full stop.

i seriously hope pakcik would recover asap…i just can bear looking at my colleague’s worried and troubled face…

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Posted by on March 31, 2011 in MARCH 2011


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