May, 2011….

24 May

phew..!! time sure flies..believe it or not, we’re in the 5th month of this year..which means another 7 months to go to 2012 !! hah…according to the movie 2012, the earth will come to an end on 21-12-2012…which falls exactly on my 32nd burfday !! owh what a crap… 😛 of the reasons why i’ve not been updating my blog is because of this:

yup..many datelines…many things to be completed on time !! arrgghh…!!…

but somehow…come May, since 2007, it’d be a month which i’d be waiting for…coz this is the month which marked the new beginning of my whole new journey of being a ‘wife’…a whole new journey of two souls, a share of life…and yes..come 18 May 2011, we have been sharing this life of ours for 4 years… 🙂

i have to has been a wonderful journey, especially with the company of two lil-angels from above !! 🙂 yup…if you can recall my post on 18-05-2010…i told ya…we have been riding on the roller-coaster…4 years of marriage, with 2 kids !! 🙂 i couldn’t be more blessed, and i thank the Almighty, for everything…alhamdulillah.. big or extra-ordinary kind of celebration this year coz we’re both working on a very tight budget…yup..we’re in the process of moving into our own new house end of this month…phew..what a month eh!! and i’d say..the best way to celebrate our 4th anni would be by moving into this small house of ours, the one we’d share together, for the rest of our lives…insyaallah !!

No 13, Medan Maju 4, Taman Abdullah Fahim, 10200 Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang.. :) we come !!

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