gulp..!! cepatnya masa berlalu…!!

08 Jul

yup…masa berlalu pantas skali…terlalu banyak yang telah berlaku dalam masa sepantas ini…let’s have a look at my new year resolution, and let’s see berapa banyak aku dah fulfill atau x fulfill langsung !!

   as for myself…

  1. be a better MAMA. yup..i’m working hard on this, every second, trust me…i wanna be the best MAMA rifdi and farisha can ever have…and i guess..this is the one thing that can never change, it’s gonna be my very 1st new year resolution, for the rest of my life…huhuh…still working hard on this…tp aku akui, bukan mudah untuk menjadi seorg ibu yang terbaik…seriously speaking, i’d rather give up all and stay at home, jaga anak2…sigh…
  2. LOOSE 15KG. yup..not more, not less, 15KG. by HOOK or by CROOK. ASAP. 15KG must be GONE ! aahh…hat ni susah sungguh !! i think i did not loose any kg’s, but instead i’ve put on extra 3-4 kg’s !! aarrggghh…susahnya nak kawal nafsu makan !! i’ve grown bigger, even baju and seluar yg aku beli lepas deliver rifdi pun dah mula fitting !! darnn…!! have to work SUPER HARD on this !!
  3. QADA PUASA..again..ASAP…cannot wait till the last minute…have to start early…uh’s Syaaban already, i have, like 13 more days to ganti…huhuh…kena bayaq fidyah la jugak taun nih…awat yg liat sangat nak ganti posa tau nih !! uhuh …teruknya aku nih !!!
  4. COOK MORE….eat outside food LESS…(huhuh..this is the toughest one…have to fight with TIME and ENERGY!!)..but will try my best !! well…this part…i guess i improved a lot on my cookings, make it a must to cook at least twice between mon-fri, and its a MUST to cook on weekends..

    as for my career…

  1. produce at least ONE article..and make sure it’s being published…uh uh…habuk pun tarak…NO TIME!
  2. arrange at least 3 industrial visits for my students…no industrial visits yet…but have organized a superb event! yes..SEGIANS CARE 🙂
  3. attend at least 2 seminar/conference organized by the local unis…hurm..yg ni x nampak bayang…1st of all, its way too expensive, and secondly, they (my co) ask me to finance it on my own. yup…what the hell…forget it!

nampaknya banyak yg x achieve… 😦 i guess kesibukan pindah-randah, setel itu ini membuatkan semuanya terbantut…but again, i have myself to be blamed on this, sbb ye lah…x pandai nak atur masa…huhuhu…

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