Happy 4th Burfday, Mohd Rifdi bin Mohd Rezuan.

21 Feb

….4 years ago, a lil boy came into my life…and since then, my life has never been the same…he light up my life, made my existence more meaningful, he completed me as a woman, and i never taught that i could love a person so much until he came into my life…he was my everything…

….and today, the lil’ boy, still a lil’ boy, is already 4 years old…he’s even bigger than ever, heavier for sure, but is still cheeky, adorable and sweet as ever….and mama can see that he’s actually becoming more sensitive! but however he is, my love has never fade for him, even when his lil’ sister came in 2 years ago…he will always be my darling, my sweetheart, and my strength, till my very last breath…

…..Happy 4th Burfday Rifdi, this entry is truly meant for you, mama dun know if you’d even read this someday, but mama hope that you’ll become a good son, a responsible brother, an adorable guy with a good heart, and above all, an obedient servant, to the one and only, ALLAH the Almighty…may ALLAH bless you with good health, with lots of joy and happiness, and may you be loved by everyone around you, always………..mama loves you so much, so much…

…..rifdi at 3 months old then….let them say what ever they wanna say, coz to mama, you’ll always be my baby…..huhuhhu…retro sungguh picture nih….i miss my lil’ baby ifdi…

…owh yeah i know, i look awful…..yup…not even a mark of lipstick….well…this was my very 1st experience of becoming a mama, and i didn’t have the time to groom myself then…every single attention for exclusively meant for this lil’ guy… 😀

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