23 Feb

…every time I buy handbags, I’d hear the same explanation from the salesperson, “owh miss…this bag look small, but inside very big (they mean spacious)…see..(said them, while un-zipping the bag and removing all the rubbish inside) this aaaaa…u put milk bottle oso can wan….seeee” (some even tried putting in their own water bottle to further elaborate and prove their explanation)…ok, I got the message. it looks small from outside, but there’s handful of space inside….ok…very practical, I’m impressed.

…the explanation doesn’t bother me so much, but its the example used that bothers me…put milk bottle. repeat. put milk bottle. seriously.I guess u guys out there do stuff your handbags, regardless whether its RM50, RM100, RM150, RM200 or even RM1K handbags with diapers, milk and water bottles, napkins and small towel….yeah…I guess that’s the most common stuff you’ll find inside a mommy’s bag….

HOWEVER, when ever rifdi and aicah’s around, I’d accept that, yes…. but just now, WITHOUT them around (shopping alone, my favorite activity), I got the same explanation from the salesgurl….I didn’t realize it until I was on the way to the counter to pay, and I was like whattt…???? put milk bottle…? how the hell she knows that I’m a mother…???? huh….I look like ONE, obviously….but how come..? I am so use to be mistakenly claim as someone single/not married (ok..I’m being frank here…and if you don’t trust me, its seriously up to you!) huh.

for a while I was having a conversation with the none other Me, Myself and I….and that’s it. We had a few conclusions, but which one is the correct asnwer (with a significance point of 0.00) we do not know…..The conclusions are:

  1. this is the price that I have to pay for being FAT. repeat. FAT. when you’re FAT, you’ll look horrible, clumsy and yeah, very the MOTHERLY. you may have a face where they call ‘baby face-kind-of look’ but you will still look old. like and old baby, to be more precise. (NOTE: I’M NOT DECLARING MYSELF AS SOMEONE WITH A ‘BABY-FACE)
  2. GREY makes me, definitely, look old (yup. I’m wearing a grey blouse today)….grey is sooo not my colour…but I wonder why the hell I am still buying tshirts and blouses which are grey in colour…? huh…blame the colour pulak, kan..? and to make it worse, a grey blouse with a greyish tudung. what a combination!
  3. my body is all out of shape. yup. that prove’s that this body doesn’t look like the shape of a virgin. huh…sounds horrifying, eh…I guess the sales gurl must be an expert into detecting who’s a virgin and who’s not!

seriously. whatever the reason is…I have only one understanding, once a Mom, forever a mom!…. and there’s no way of ‘erasing’ that ‘mommy tattoo’ on your forehead, regardless of how you look, what you wear or the way you behave! hurm…well, I’d say that should be a privilege to all mommies, as this one tag completes everything in our lives.. 🙂

…….ah…gasaklah. as long as I got a new handbag….to put aicah milk and dd’s water bottle.

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