02 Apr

♥♥♥ This is my beautiful boy, Mohd Rifdi. He’s 5 years old boy with mild autism. Mild, moderate or severe, he’s still autistic. Oh wait, don’t be sorry for me, coz I am definitely not! The Almighty actually picked me out of the billions of people out there to be among the selected ones to be having this special child. Rifdi’s surely a special gift from heaven. Frankly speaking, I did not really know how to be thankful to God, until he came into my life. He taught me how we shud all be thankful, with the very bit that we have in life. And yes….he definitely taught and showed me what patience truly means…! Ahaks…he also took me into an exciting journey thru out this life that I have right now.

Rifdi might not be the next Einstein, Van Gaugh, Mozart, Bill Gates or even Micheal Phelps, but he’ll always be special to me. He will always be. Deep down inside, I know that he’d grow up to be a handsome guy with a good heart, full of love and respect to the others….

So the next time you see Rifdi, or in fact any other kid misbehaving in public, restaurants or shopping malls or in fact anywhere else, do not immediately label that kid as being naughty, or even the parents for their bad parenting skills, for you might not know that the kid might be autistic. In technical terms, autism is not regarded as a system error, but it is indeed a totally different operating system. 🙂

2nd of April is Autism Awareness Day. Spread the news, be aware. Accept everyone that we know in life, the way they are. ♥♥♥

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